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Welcome on the official page of Fendi (Free Electricity Network Drawing Interface) the free graphical user interface used to draw electrical systems.


Fendi is a graphical user interface for power system simulation programs.
It is open on 2 sides :
Fendi  will be used by a lot of kind of simulations engines like AC, short-circuit calculations and impedance measure, loadflow, stability and transient simulations.
The interface and the simulation engines are completely independants. The simulation engines are in plugins.
The existing calculation engines are
The interface is writen with Delphi 6. The simulation engines plugins can be writen in any languages.

For complete history, feature list and whish list, please read the done/to do list at the top of the main.pas file (In French).

Why Fendi ?

1) Because, as far as I know there is no open sources power system simulation programs written in low level languages.
2) Because it is a huge lost of time to write again and again a new GUI for each new power system program.
3) Because programming is my hobby and writing a network GUI is an exciting challenge.


Date News
17/05/2006 New 0.10 Release. New geographical network type like in Distribution Management System with associated GUI. A lot of new electrical data types for components dialog boxes. The data are no more perunited in the Load Flow engine. New components in the Load Flow engine : P/V sources and Transformers. New plugin to load schema from other programs
14/03/2006 New 0.8 Release. New Loadflow algorithm : Cartesian Newton-Raphson. New script engine.
26/01/2006 New 0.6 Release. New Loadflow plugin. Copy/Paste fully functionnal. Rotation of groups of components connected. You can now end a line on another line. The plugins can now chose the parameters they need in each component.
24/10/2005 New 0.5 Release. Copy/Paste components functions (not lines). New components. Improved AC simulation engine with a lot of components validated against EMTP.
20/04/2005 New 0.4 Release. The components can now be rotated and mirrored. The networks can be bigger than the desktop and can be zoomed. The AC simulation engine is now fully functional and have a lot of components. The component drawing can now change acording to parameters values.
22/02/2005 New 0.3 Release. In this release the gui is the same as the 0.2. The main change is the new functionnal AC simulation plugin.
20/01/2005 The new 0.2 release is the first working release. The graphical interface is nearly the same than the 0.1 but in the 0.2 you'll find the first simulation engine. It is a very simple DC calculation engine using only sources and resistors. It has been coded to have a preview of what fendi will be in the future.
26/11/2004 The very first 0.1 realease is available. It is very simple but working and stable. There is no simulation engine in this release.


Sources in a zip file
Windows 32 bits installer

Installation and compilation

To install Delphi 6 and to install and compile Fendi sources, you can follow this page. It is for another program but you can easily convert it to Fendi. The only component used by Fendi is EditNbre.


Fendi User Documentation

Fendi Developper Documentation

AC Plugin Documentation

DC Plugin Documentation

LF Plugin Documentation