Fendi 0.4 User Documentation

The desktop elements

Here is the Fendi main window :


Is is composed of the elements :

The Menu :
It is the main way to access to fendi  functions

The upper toolbar :
Upper toolbar
It is a faster way to acess to the most used functions

The left toolbar :
Left toolbar
Is is usefull to draw the networks and launch simulations

The drawing zone :
Drawing zone

Drop a component

To drop a component on the drawing zone :
1) Clic on the desired component on the left toolbar :

Component list

Then clic on the drawing zone to drop the component :

Component dropped

Draw a line between 2 components

To draw lines between components 2 components :

2 Components not connected

If you are in Move mode :

Move mode

Clic on Draw button to go in Draw mode :

Draw mode

Clic on the node of the first component :

Clic on first node

Move to the node of the second component :

Move to second node

Clic on the node of the second component :

Clic on second node

The line is drawn :

Line drawn

Draw a breaked line between 2 components

As in the previous chapter, verify you are in Draw mode.

To draw lines between components 2 components :

2 components

When you are in step 3 of the previous chapter :

First line

Clic where you want to break the line :

Second line

Repeat it as many times as you want :

Third line

Then, clic on the node of the second component :

Line drawn

Auto draw lines between 2 components

It is possible to auto draw lines between 2 components :

2 Components

Move the second component next to the first one in order to join the nodes you want to connect :

Join components
Line have been created between each joined nodes

Then move the secont component back to its place :

Connected components

Move lines

To move a line, verify you are in Move mode :

Move mode

Clic on it and maintain the mouse button down :

Clic line

Then move the mouse :

Moved line

If the line is connected to a component :

Line connected to a component

A new line is create between the moved line and the component :

Line moved

Move a component

To move a component, first clic on it and maintain the mouse button down :

Selected component

Then, move the move to move the component :

Moved component

Draw a line from another line

To draw a line connected to the middle of another line, check you are in Draw mode :

Draw mode

Then clic on the line at the position you want to connect the line :

Clic on line

And move the mouse to draw the new line

Draw line

Then clic on a node to finish to draw the line.

End a line on an another line

When you are drawing a line :

Clic on any other line to connect the new line to it :

Select a group of components

To select a group of components, first check you are in Move mode :

Move mode

Or if you are in draw mode, check you have no component selected :

No component selected

Then, draw a rectangle around the components you want to select :

Draw rectangle

The component are drawn in red, to show you they are select

Components selected

Delete a group of components

When you have selected the components you want to delete (see previous chapter), hit the Del key :

The selected components are deleted

Change the components parameters

The change the parameters of a component, double clic on it to open the parameter window :

Parameters window

Then type the new values in the fields and clic on the OK button.

Start a simulation

To start a simulation, first select the desired simulation engine in the engine combo box :

Engine combo box

Then clic on the Simulation button :

Simulate button

The simulation run and the result is displayed directly on the network :

Simulation results

Show and Hide simulation results

After a simulation, all results are shown. If you want to hide them clic on the menu  Fonctions|Show/Hide components infos :

Menu Show/Hide component infos
Don the same if you want to see the results again,.

Add a comment

To add a comment clic on Comment on the components list :

Comment in components list

Or clic on the Comment button :

Add comment button

Then clic on the desired comment positition on the drawing zone. A window appears to entre the comment text :

Comment window

Type the comment and clic on the OK button. The comment is created :


Rotate or mirror a component

To rotate or mirror a component, clic on it to select it :


Then clic on the button on the upper toolbar :

Button Action Result
Turn Left Turn left Turned right
Turn Right Turn right Turned left
Mirror X Mirror X Mirrored X
Mirror Y Mirror Y Mirrored Y

Change the simulation engine parameters

To change the simlation engine parameter, clic on the menu Engine/Parameters :

Engine parameters