The Fendi AC simulation engine


This is the official page of the Fendi AC simulation engine. This is the plugin to use when you want to do short circuit and impedance calculation.
The network impedance matrix is build using the Modifed Nodal Analysis (MNA) method.
This plugin is directly in the Fendi package.

List of the compatibles components

Here are the fendi components compatibles with this engine :

Type number Component Parameters Validated against
4 Capacitor Capacitance (Farads)
5 Resistor Resistance (Ohms)
7 Ground
8 Comment
9 AC Source Voltage (Volts)
Phase (Degrees)
10 3 phases AC source Voltage (Volts)
Phase (Degrees)
11 Inductor Inductance (Henry)
12 Transformer Ratio (No units)
13 Inductive line Xd=Xi (MilliHenry)
X0 (MilliHenry)
14 Resistive line Xd=Xi (MilliHenry)
Rd=Ri (Ohms)
X0 (MilliHenry)
R0 (Ohms)
15 3 phases impedance Rd (Ohms)
Xd (MilliHenry)
Ri (Ohms)
Xi (MilliHenry)
R0 (Ohms)
X0 (MilliHenry)
16 6 phases multipole Resistance (Ohms) 6x6 table
Inductance (Ohms) 6x6 table
17 12 phases multipole Resistance (Ohms) 12x12 table
Inductance (Ohms) 12x12 table
18 Fault Resistance (Ohms)
Fault present (No units) boolean
19 French Impedance measure K0 (No units) EMTP
20 3 phase fault R1 (Ohms)
R2 (Ohms)
R3 (Ohms)
Rg (Ohms)
Fault present (No units) boolean
21 3 phases Transfer Function Real part 6x6 table
Complex part 6x6 table
22 N phases Transfer Function Number of phases
Real part NxN table
Complex part NxN table
23 3 phase shift transformer Angle (Degrees) EMTP
24 3 phases breaker Open (No units) boolean EMTP
25 3 winding transformer Ratio (No units)
26 Single phase shift transformer Angle (Degrees)
27 3 phase shift transformer with impedances
Angle (Degrees)
Rd (Ohms)
Xd (MilliHenry)
Ri (Ohms)
Xi (MilliHenry)
R01 (Ohms)
X01 (MilliHenry)
R02 (Ohms)
X02 (MilliHenry)
R03 (Ohms)
X03 (MilliHenry)

Warnings :
The 23 and 26 components make impedance matrix singular when using infinite impedance values. Prefer the 27 component.