The Fendi LF simulation engine


This is the official page of the Fendi LF simulation engine. This is the plugin to use when you want to do Loadflow calculation.
This plugin is directly in the Fendi package.
This plugin is coded with the help of the great book : "PowerSystem Load Flow Analysis" written by Lynn Powell.

You have 2 type of source available : The V/Theta source must be connected to the slack node (V/Theta node). The P/V source must be used to model synchronous machines
To add power consumption on a node, you must connect a Load component on it (P/Q Node).

The algorithm used is Cartesian Newton Raphson
The Jacobi and Gauss-Seidel algorithm are also available in the source code.
The only parameter needed by this engine is the fundamental frequency in the case where you enter te reactances or capacitances in Ohms.

List of the compatibles components

Here are the fendi components compatibles with this engine :

Type number Component Parameters Validated against
28 Load (P/Q Node) Active Power (W/KW/MW)
Reactive Power (Var/KVar/MVar)
Lynn Powell book
29 Line Series resistance (mOhm/Ohm/KOhm/MOhm)
Series inductance (uH/mH/H/KH/mOhm/Ohm/KOhm/MOhm)
Shunt capacitive susceptance(nF/uF/mF/F/mOhm/Ohm/KOhm/MOhm)
Lynn Powell book
30 V/Theta Source Voltage (uV/mV/V/KV/MV RMS/Pic Ph-Gd/Ph-Ph)
Phase (Degrees)
Lynn Powell book
33 Transformer V1 : Primary voltage (uV/mV/V/KV/MV RMS/Pic Ph-Gd/Ph-Ph)
V2 : Secondary voltage (uV/mV/V/KV/MV RMS/Pic Ph-Gd/Ph-Ph)
Secondary Reactance (uH/mH/H/KH/mOhm/Ohm/KOhm/MOhm)
Lynn Powell book
34 P/V Source Voltage (uV/mV/V/KV/MV RMS/Pic Ph-Gd/Ph-Ph)
Phase (Degrees)
Active Power (W/KW/MW)
Lynn Powell book